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EFS Brexit Update

Dear Client, By now we had hoped to be able to give clear and precise information and instructions on the implications of Brexit as far as transport is concerned to and from the EU. Unfortunately, given the situation is still very unclear, we are unable to do this. However we can reassure you that Eurosprint […]

Recent Fraud Warnings to Overseas

We have received information that a number of UK courier company names are being used in places such as Canada, Australia and the USA offering a service for the delivery of keys for residential lettings. The basis of the “scam” is the tenant pays a rental deposit locally and then a courier company will deliver […]

Navigating a TIME-CRITICAL Shipment

Eurosprint guides us through it Manufacturers have become a lot more efficient in recent years in an effort to reduce ‘emergency transport’ and whilst this has had an impact on the time critical sector there are a number of factors which make it just as important today as ever. You can’t predict a production line […]

Our Brand New Wesbite

We are pleased to announce that Eurosprint’s new website is now fully live and operational. Based on feedback over the years we have re-designed our website to provide you easier access and up to date information on our freight services and other important details. Have a look around the site, see what you think and […]